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Оркестр Дюка Эллингтона

24 APRIL 2013

Moscow International House of Music
(Svetlanovsky Hall)


90 anniversary

Booking: +7 (495) 730-10-11

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Address: Kosmodamianskaya naberezhnaya, 52, build. 8

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The Great Duke of Jazz, the Unique Duke Ellington – this was the way, people used to call him. First, for the love of his showy outfits, and then - out of respect to the great talent of an outstanding person, who was a pianist, a composer, a producer and a director at once. According to the ‘Tempo Music’ publisher, Duke Ellington has created more than 1000 popular tunes, which are now the golden fund of jazz. It was Duke again, who has composed thirty-eight jazz pieces for concert performance, soul music concerts, soundtracks for movies and theater performances.
However the only band that had a right of the first performance was Duke’s own orchestra. This year Duke Ellington Orchestra is celebrating its 90 years anniversary!


Duke Ellington and his orchestra - Archiv
Duke Ellington and his orchestra - It don't mean a thing
Ella Ftzgerald with the orchestra - Sweet Georgia Brown


Today the traditions of the Duke Ellington Orchestra are continued by the heirs of the legendary Duke. Some of the most famous jazz pieces, such as Caravan, Take the A Trane and Sophisticated Lady are performed by the talented jazz musicians of New York City. The Conductor and Bandleader for the Duke Ellington Orchestra is Paul Mercer Ellington, the grandson of Duke. Being brought up in the swing music atmosphere, he is the one, who really knows, what is the true sound of Great Duke’s orchestra.

Duke Ellington himself called his music “American music” rather than jazz. It makes sense though, by the very first sounds of it you can say, it’s definitely American. It’s impeccable sound, masterly performance technique and unique arrangements that makes it easy to recognize. It’s also true that some of the most famous and talented American jazz musicians have been working in the Duke Ellington Orchestra throughout its history. Since 1930-s such jazz celebrities as Cootie Williams, Count Basie and Ben Webster were performing in the orchestra. Duke Ellington was also the first one in Jazz who started to use a vocal as a separate party. It’s then not worthless to mention that his legendary recordings with Ella Fitzgerald were sold in millions of copies.

Оркестр Дюка Эллингтона The pieces of music, created by Ellington are good at all times and they never get old. Is there anyone else, who was the same popular as him? That could be Beatles, provided they didn’t part their ways back in 70-s. Therefore since the day of its creation, the orchestra was touring non-stop. In 1950-s when less and less interest was paid to jazz music, it was only Duke Ellington’s big band that stood the test of time. Though at times Duke had to spend his own royalties to support the orchestra, but this way the band was saved. But then the whole Europe and both Americas the Eastern Asia and Middle East even USSR were paying their tribute of admiration to the Great Duke and his great orchestra. In fact, the entire planet was at his feet. He was admired by the British princes and Saudi kings, American presidents and even the Secretary General of the Soviet Union Communist Party. This tour to the USSR was an amazing one. Just imagine, Moscow, then Leningrad, Kiev and Rostov-on-Don. And that was yet in 1971! The soviet people were so impressed they just wouldn’t let the musicians out of the stagу for hours. Almost every time the performers were encored 11 times. According to Duke’s own words, he had never had such a warm reception as in Soviet Union.

And now the legend comes to life again. On Wednesday, April 24th, the Duke Ellington Orchestra show is taking place in the Svetlanov Hall of the Moscow International House of Music. This grand concert is dedicated to the orchestra’s 90th anniversary. The show is going to be simply perfect. But that’s a tradition by now, the tradition of quality of American music by the Duke of Jazz, sir Edward Duke Ellington.

The show starts at 7 pm

Booking: +7 (495) 730-10-11

and on-line

Moscow International House of Music

Address:  Moscow, Russia, Kosmodamianskaya Emb., 52-8

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 Оркестр Дюка Эллингтона


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